Author Topic: Hotel Chocolat Purist Bar - 80% Dark Organic - Hacienda iara, Ecuador 70g  (Read 2059 times)


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Hotel Chocolat

This bar is from the coast and rainforests of Ecuador and has the advantage in that it's organic, although how organic I'm not sure.  It's nice to see, though.

It has a satisfying snap, which I'd expect from an 80% bar.  The initial tasting note is fruity, although this quickly gives way to a much darker coffee bean style intensity.  Hotel Chocolat state that there are floral notes as well, but I couldn't detect any in my bar.

I would say that this bar is good for people who already love dark chocolate, but aren't expecting the Valrhona or Grenada Chocolate Company experience.  It's not that good.  I'd give it 7/10.

Available at:
Hotel Chocolat - £5.00 (or £4.50 each for 3)