Author Topic: Hotel Chocolat Purist Collection - 70% Dark - Chuao, Venezuela 70g  (Read 1819 times)


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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat have relaunched their purist range.  The bars are slightly smaller than before, but the price has stayed the same ::)  I bought this bar which originates from Chuao in Venezuela.

The snap is OK, if a tad unsensational.  I completely disagree with the range of flavour notes listed on Hotel Chocolat's official site.  The say that the chocolate has the gentle flavours of roasted nuts, cream and caramel, raisins and malt.  I have no idea which bar they were tasting!  In my opinion this bar is dominated by red fruits, which completely hides any bitterness.  As for any complex notes, I never came across any.  I think there may have been a slight woodiness, but I couldn't be sure.

This bar is ideal for anyone who wants to try dark chocolate for the first time but who is used to milk chocolate; it's quite sweet and is very fruity.  Unfortunately, this is not the bar for me and I give it 5/10.

Available at:
Hotel Chocolat - £5.00 (or £4.50 each for 3)