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Chocolate Polls:
Poll Description Responses
Which bar would you next like Nestle to 'chunkify'? (e.g. KitKat>KitKat Chunky) 90
Which of the following 'discontinued' bars would you like them to bring back? 143
What is your commonest reason for eating chocolate? 56
How much chocolate do you 'comfort eat' per week? 51
Which is your preferred chocolate bar size? 68
How much is too much cocoa? 35
Which choccy promotions do you find most enticing? 39
Is a VAT on Fat a good idea? 46
What flavour of KitKat would you most want to buy if Nestle made it? 28
'Light' tasting bars (e.g. Mars Delight,KitKat Lemon), good or bad? 14
The BIG FIGHT, Nestle vs. Cadbury who is better? 7
FDF taking away our King Size bars 16

Chocolate Bar Review

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