Yes Like Girls Aloud? No No Yes Yes No Are you king of the road? Would you like a new bag? No Yes Are you XX? Chocolate Flowchart v1.5 Comment and suggestions to... Yes No Is it Easter? No Yes Is it Christmas? No Yes Really retro? Yes No Want to go retro? No Yes ‘Milk Chocolate?’ No Yes ‘White Chocolate’? No Yes No Yes Yes For the  lunch box? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Are you pretending to share? Are you young at heart? Do you want to share? Or ignoring the phone? Or lazing in the bath? Do you like painting in a field? How about aerated? How about
 no chocolate at all? Toffee Caramel? something 
full of Eastern promise? Chocolate alone not enough? Do you want
 a break? And fruit? Do you
 like nuts? Really, really sure? Are you sure? Do you 
only like ‘real’ chocolate? Which Chocolate Bar to eat Are you in
 the USA?