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Hotel Chocolat Love Selection
« on: May 17, 2008, 11:44:13 pm »
Product:     Love Selection Peepster Box
Made By:    Hotel Chocolat
Purchased From:    Hotel Chocolat
Price:    £12.00
Review By:    chocadmin

Welcome to the third REVIEW EXTRA. Once again those nice people at Hotel Chocolat have sent me a product worthy of one of these in depth reviews. This time it's one of their special products for Valentines.

Packaging: OK, so it's just a box with 4 mini slabs in it, nice though the packaging is, there isn't really the scope for the usual HC flair. Oh and the rope on mine was broken :-(

What you get: 4 mini slabs, one dark love, one milk chocolate praline fusion, one milk chocolate crostini fruit and nut and one dark chocolate love. Each slab is 100g.
Review: OK, so this doesn't seem like a very fancy product compared to the others we've reviewed (it is only £12 though) but I am a fan of these peepster boxes as you get to sample a variety of HC's fantastic chocolate before committing to one of their normal (giant) slabs. The slabs are only 100g each, but they do feel very solid and chunky (strangely they feel more substantial than 100g bars from other ranges). The two special 'love' slabs have had a lot of attention to detail as each has a chocolate heart pressed into its surface. What I'm not really convinced of is including both dark and milk chocolate versions in the same box, most people prefer one or the other so why would you buy both for your significant other? Perhaps this is better for new relationships to avoid admitting you don't know their favourite :-).
Another word of warning the slabs are either fruity (sour cherries in the love slabs) or nutty (the praline) or both (the crostini with a whole variety of fruits in it). Steer clear of this product if prefer your chocolate pure. If you're ok with the whole fruit and nut thing though this is the usual high quality HC chocolate and there is a surprising variety of flavours here. The praline is the star of the set, really like a giant, set version of a chocolate from a selection box (Mrs Chocadmin is a massive fan of this bar so I didn't get to eat much of it). The crostini is packed full, the only negative point is that it has cranberries which I know isn't to many tastes (mine included). Finally the love slabs, the pink tinted white chocolate is a nice touch, and the heart decoration is a great addition. Like the crostini we have soured cherries here which won't be to everyone's taste (clearly my tastes are keeping up with fashion), although they don't overpower the lovely chocolate flavour.

Conclusion: A good sample box from HC, dark and milk love slabs in the same box strike me as a little odd and if you're not a fruit and nut fan steer clear. Overall though a variety of flavours presented in a nice way, the praline slab and heart decorations are the highlights.

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