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Wonderful Chocolate AD.
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:59:43 am »
WinkHello, welcome to the china chocolate forum,haw-haw....

Well, now as far as i know, in China, most chocolate AD. pay more attention to the quality, taste,and even touch, etc, for example Defu, it is so boring, without any new idea and it is useless as no body will be  able to remember your AD.for a long time, even the product.


In a competitve and huge chocolate market, the only way to set up a steady brand position is to make a certain consumption group with certain definition remembers well your chocolate first, the AD. should be excellent and indelible, so how?


Specific Orientation----->Specific cultural Orientation. As you known, chocolate is a product with long history and occult glamour, or we might call this all to be culture.  For example, in China, the greatest national chocolate brand--Le Conte, is a good example. Le  Conte bring it forward a novel AD.slogan: To my sweetheart!!It is the first great chocolate AD. in China, as it directly to its consumtionp group, making it easily to seize the spirit.

Any way, nowadays for AD. culture is the key poit to seize the human spirit to remember your brand for a long long time, as culture will never be disappeared, generally speaking. ^_^


So have any one got some wonderful experience to share with us. .....