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Cheeky chocolate range launched
« on: November 01, 2005, 10:03:41 pm »

"A new range of luxury, Fairtrade-certified chocolate bars has launched online in the UK, and will hope to capitalise on the familiar public perception of a link between chocolate and sex.

Using Fairtrade cocoa beans sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru, the chief factor differentiating the Swiss-style "Orgasmic Chocolates" is a blend of apparently "witchcrafted" Chinese herbs.

These include Longan fruit, which claims to reduce stress levels; Radix Ginseng, offering a stamina boost; Sage root, which aids the circulation of the blood; and Cinnamon bark.

The four bars in the range include milk and dark varieties, as well as dark chocolate with orange, and milk chocolate flavoured with almond. They are guaranteed to include 74 per cent cocoa solids in the case of the dark bars, and 45 per cent in the milk options.

Cannily launched in the run up to Christmas, as well as coinciding with the start of the UK's annual chocolate festival, the bars are packaged in gift boxes of 50g and 100g, priced at £24.70 and £39.70 respectively.

Co-founder, Tehmina Zaman, said: "It was a challenging process to get the blend of herbs just right without compromising the great taste of the chocolate.

"By combining delicious Swiss chocolate with this particular blend of herbs, Orgasmic Chocolates help take the chocolate experience to another level and allow chocolate lovers to fall in love with chocolate all over again." "


Apart from the woman in the advert using the flake for unspecified pleasures, where is the association?