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New Products / New Cadbury Easter 'Egg n' Spoon'
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:29:48 pm »
Just noticed the new Cadbury easter range includes the new Egg n' Spoon. 'individually wrapped milk chocolate egg shells filled with a mousse.'

This is highly reminiscent of a Milka product I've seen on import confectionery shops' Easter ranges that always looked rather enticing. It also reminds me of an old Terry's chocolate orange easter feature from when I was little; Terry's also owned by Kraft if I'm not mistaken? I remember the old Terry's feature and I'm sure I used to like it intensely, so hopefully the innovation will not be a bad thing. Judging on the recent additions to Dairy Milk, it might actually be a rather tasty, new innovation from Cadbury.

It still, however, showcases more of the Kraft homogeneity and hybridizing. I'm still awaiting the ultimate amalgam: 'Our deliciously creamy Dairy Milk chocolate filled with delicious chunks of real Milka™'.

After the Dairy Milk Pretzels and Cadbury Philadelphia, I wouldn't put anything past them. I'm surprised the new Spoon Eggs things aren't filled with Kool Aid or 'Mac' n' Cheeze'. I didn't realise until recently that they also owned Mikado, which explains the insidious increased proliferation of its marketing. I'm sure there's some untapped potential in the fact that both Toblerone and Dairylea are triangle based.

New Products / New CDM Shape
« on: October 15, 2012, 10:18:32 pm »
Has anyone tried the new shaped CDM bars? I've noticed single bar Wholenut, Fruit and Nut and CDM at Waitrose and CO-OP and both small and large blocks at the Cadbury World Factory Shop. The new-shaped pieces are all smooth and round like some modern IKEA concept design. Does the new design change the eating sensation? I haven't tried one.

Kraft up to their old tricks again. So much for no changes. However, from a marketing perspective, I do think that their strategies are certainly moving in the correct direction. The old Cadbury marketing and target audience strategy was a little all-over-the-shop. The current moves certainly show case more pertinent, clearly-defined target audiences and consolidated ranges.

Given the hype about those Cadbury crispette thingys, I have seen little tangible evidence of them as yet. This is somewhat surprising given that it is 'Cadbury's' first significant NPD for a long time. (Moving into the Kinder Bueno / Malteasers Bunny / Kit Kat senses field is sensible and logic move given that Kraft/Cadbury are one of the only confectionery giants not to have a product in this area)

New Products / liquer chocolates
« on: October 29, 2011, 10:02:43 pm »
I wasn't quite sure which forum to post this in...

With  Christmas and gifing fast approaching, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me by recommending what is/are the best, most potent (alcoholic-tasting) liqueur-filled chocolate/s, especially if they're at a decent price.

Specifically, not adulterated with anything else such as marzipan, truffle or cream type things, such as liqueur truffles, Baileys truffle bar etc., or the Anthon Berg Cocktail Creams or marzipan liqueurs. Just straight forward liqeur-filled chocolates.

I haven't tried many and admittedly its been a number of years, but I did notice that the Anthon Berg mini-bottles (in the flat black rectangle box or long silver horizontal-column-shaped box) were way more alcoholish and nice than, for example, the Elizabeth Shaw, which tasted like really really horridly sweet sugar-syrup and nothing more.
If I recall, the Walkers Cherry Brandy ones weren't too bad and gave quite a kick, but the ASDA or Tesco own version were pretty pathetic. The Duc d'or ones werent as potent as the Anthon Berg, but they were also very very old. I think there was a Lindt range of filled bars too, but I can't remember how alcholish they were.

It would also help if they're fairly readily available on the high street, (though that inculdes department stores i.e. House of Fraser, Beatties etc.). I've heard that 'Asbach' are aparrently the best but I'm not going to buy online and the price is ludicrous. It would be nice if they're fairly decently priced too. Sometimes one can find stuff in Home Bargains-type shops, but it all seems to be Elizabeth Shaw at the moment, and I haven't seen the Anthon Berg liqueurs in the supermarkets Christmas ranges yet. Morrisons have liqueur chocolates in a make I've never tried (Doulton? something like that), as do Waitrose (Abtey) but I don't really want to waste the money buying them if theyre boring, icky, flavourless sugar-syrup like the ASDA/Elizabeth Shaw ones were.

sorry for tl:dr

Discontinued? / Truffles in Roses?
« on: September 21, 2008, 08:46:54 am »
I hadn't bothered looking at boxes of Roses chocolates for months and months, but the other day I noticed that they no longer have the praline (silver wrapper) or Chunky Truffle (blue wrapper), both of which were my favourites. It seems to be virtually entirely comprised now of caramels, fudges and creams; all of which (bar the few nice plain-ish chocolate ones) I find to be rather similar, and unappealing (bar the few nice plain-ish chocolate ones).

I wonder what prompted this move, as I'd have thought that, considering the boxed chocolate market, pralines and truffles were popular, so removing these would be detrimental from a marketing and target audience perspective, as a product like Roses would (one would have presumed) be aimed at as wide a market and cross-section of tastes as possible. Bizzare.

Old Products / Cadbury Dream - phased out?
« on: June 24, 2008, 08:33:30 am »
Is Cadbury Dream being phased out? I've noticed it's no longer in the new boxes of Heroes (replaced by Bourneville) and I can't seem to find it in any shops round by me in Oxford (not sure about back home in Bloxwich though).

On a similar note, could anyone recommend any really delicious, good quality white chocolate? I had my last Guylian mini white rice crisp egg the other day and it was lovely compared to the overly sweet and sickly taste very commercial white chocolate often tends to have. Having said that, White chocolate seems to be ever more difficult to get hold of due to the proliferation of the dark chocolate/health food fad.

New Products / Sainsbury's Thonrton's-esque range
« on: November 22, 2007, 11:14:52 pm »
I'm pretty sure these are new as I've never noticed them before.

Little packs of about 8 or 10 chocolates all of the same type; things like 'Rocky Road Clusters' (chocolate covered marshmallow and jelly bits or something) and 'Marc de Champagne Truffles'. Comes in several difference varieties, no more of which I can remember, alas. Possibly an attempt to rival Thornton's?

Also big slabs of often swirled chocolate with things in such as fudge pieces etc. that mirror the Thornton's ones.

If they aren't new, apologies (though I'm sure I'd have spotted them earlier).

Foreign Products / Gigantic box of Milka(?) chocolates
« on: October 27, 2007, 01:53:41 am »
Was in the ever-popular Wednesfield Home Bargains last week when I spotted an intriguing and very gigantic box of chocolates that I'm pretty sure were part of the Milka range, although I couldn't get a good look due to it being crushingly busy.
I can't return yet for a closer examination as at present I'm stranded in Oxford, which unfortunately seems to be a Home Bargains-free zone. Really miss all the lovely random little cheap shops of the Midlands!

New Products / Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses
« on: June 02, 2007, 01:29:11 am »

Re the recent news of 'Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses': These are said to be very similar to 'Galaxy Jewels' which coincidentally I spotted for the first time the other
day and thought looked so alluring I planned on posting about them in the Foreign Products forum.

I saw these in a discount
store named 'Hooties' in Willenhall, who have a penchant for stocking bizarre and
wonderful confectionery (though also of dubious origin and quality:- these
originated in the Middle East and were past the best before date). Jewels,
marketed in Indian and the Middle East, are
Galaxy brand chocolates that are rather Roses-esque.

I have to say the centres seemed simpler and nicer than the
disgusting creamy ganache/mousse concoctions the recent upsurge of luxury
chocolate assortments tend to favour; though I cant remember them exactly.

 Ironically, one of my
first thoughts was that Masterfoods should bring something similar out in the UK possibly as
a rival to Cadburys Roses and Nestle Quality Street (and also as they looked
rather appealing). Seems like someone heard my prayer!

(Sorry for the long post and if you would prefer this in the Foreign Products forum please let me know)

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