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discovered this way of eating penguins just the other day and i'm hooked -
bit off a small corner from the top and bottom of the biscuit, dunk one end into your tea/coffee and suck away, once the drink has got to the top quickly stuff the whole gooey thing in your mouth - it's amazing!

chocolate chick:
You can do this with Tim Tams. I see it on Graham Nortons Show once.

I do that with Twirls


--- Quote from: loulou ---I do that with Twirls
--- End quote ---

Now you're talking, that sounds delish... twirl is a really good choc hit, great with a cup of tea.

Twixs are the best to use. Bite off both ends and then suck tea or coffee through it like a straw. You get the liquid through it  and the biscuit and chocolate goes all melted mmmmmmmmmmmmm


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