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Milkyway - The Red Car VS The Blue Car

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Just wanted to say I love the new (old) Milkway add... with the red and blue racing cars. I remember doing a project on advertising when I was doing my GCSEs and that is one of the adverts that I wrote about. I remeber doing a survey and finding that all ages thought it was a great fun add... I still love it!

Edit to add a youtube link:

Good old Blue he took the Milkyway....

I applaud this too, but have they changed the words?, Might be worth a side-by-side comparison I think with the original.

I thought that - I'm sure it used to be 'smart old blue', but now it's 'good old blue'.

And they don't say the bit about it not spoiling your appetite.

I spotted that last night ' he knows it won't spoil his appetite' is changed to 'he knows it's something that tastes just right'. I'm guessing marketing Milky Way as 'the sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite' is a no-no in the age of 5-a-day and childhood obesity.


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