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Hi there my name is Jess and I am currently studying media at Exeter college I have decided for my final film I am going to make an advert for Galaxy chocolate bars aimed at men.
Below is a questionaire for my research I am trying out as much as I can about who buys chocolate and what within adverts attracts them to buy the products.
If you could fill out the questionaire I would be very grateful any extra comments , questions always welcome!
Thank you Jess .

Chocolate Questionnaire

Man, these colleges sure need to teach the basics!

I would consider rewording the first question to 'which of these bars is your favourite?'. I assume what you're trying to do is see which bar appeals to men more out of those three and that makes sense, but the question 'what is your favourite chocolate bar?' could have hundreds of different answers.

I would just like to know how to complete it on-line!

Yes, I felt a right idiot after circling 'male' on my laptop screen.


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