Author Topic: Help me! Cadbury Christmas Chunkie/Chunks little present square  (Read 5136 times)

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Help me! Cadbury Christmas Chunkie/Chunks little present square
« on: September 21, 2013, 06:26:57 pm »
Hi all!

I have posted this in the Old Chocolate Sub-Section though I thought I would post here as well to maximise my chances!!

For the last few years, I have (sporadically) been trying to recall what I think was named a Chunkie/Chunky or Chunks Cadbury bar which was released only at Christmas and was in the shape of a square present, though with sort of two layers, looking perhaps like a trapezium from its profile... It was wrapped in a gold wrapper, and then i think had a purple Cadbury sleeve in. From what I seem to remember, the inside was a little bit biscuity, or a little bit truffly, it was quite a mouthful! I was a child when these were out and I loved eating them every Christmas.

I can literally find no recollection of this product on Cadbury's website and even trusty Google is letting me down. I know I don't need to refer myself to a psychiatric ward as Kevvosa seems to recall a similar product!] [url] [/url]

If anyone can remember these or what their name was, or even better know some place where you can buy them, I would be overjoyed.

Thanks!  :)