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Why can't I see/vote on bar X?


There are many many chocolate products on site that you can vote on, there are some (in the Review Extra section for instance) that you currently can't vote on (for various reasons, mostly those below).
The main reasons for a product not being available to vote on are:

It's too new and I haven't yet received that product to scan into the system.
I have got the product but haven't had time to scan in the details (at any one time there can be around 20 of these).
The product is not generally on sale in the UK (currently this site focuses on products that are generally obtainable in the UK).
The product is discontinued. If a product is discontinued you will only be able to vote on it if I was able to obtain a scan of the original wrapper. If you have a wrapper for such a product please contact [email protected] if you'd like it added to the site.
The product does not contain a reasonable amount of chocolate. This is after all the 'chocolate' review (for our purposes white chocolate is still considered chocolate - most of the time).
If you have a particular product in mind and believe the above reasons should not limit its inclusion please e-mail [email protected] chocadmin2007-03-30 11:03:20

I hope you can add Banjo chocolate bar on the voting poll  :D

I don't know. You and your Banjo's!


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