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For over 10 years the Chocolate Review has provided visitors a place to vote and review their favourite chocolate products.

If you have a query about any products featured in the review either use the details on the respective manufacturer page or e-mail [email protected] and we will endeavour to pass on your message.
The Chocolate Review is not affiliated with any similar web sites or blogs, although I do contribute to SnackSpot now and again (the Chocolate Review is currently accessible at, and Twitter). However we applaud the efforts of people like Jim's chocolate mission, Cinabars Food Stuff Finds, Terrys Chocolate Review and Chocolate Reviews (although not sure I approve of the urls of those last two.

In the Media:
Chocolate Review has contributed to the BBC Comfort Foods programme and radio stations Wave 105 (competition to find top chocolate - maltesers won) and (debate on biscuits and chocolate)

Navigating this site:
Click on 'Chocolate' to see information about chocolate products and also to cast your votes for which you like and which you don't like.
Use the 'Forum' to discuss anything you like about chocolate bars with others.
'Links' provides links to other good chocolate related web sites.#

Finally if you have any ideas or information for inclusion in this site please e-mail me at: [email protected]


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