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NEW BAR, CDM Chips ahoy!!!!


MugGy bONehEad:
CDM with a sort of biscuity pulp in it, not awful just a bit, ...meh!

I had to look this up because the name 'chips ahoy' evoked images of chip-shop chips embedded in chocolate!! Well, after combining CDM and Ritz biscuits, anything is possible!! Anyway, it's actually based on a cookie brand called 'chips ahoy' that is not even available in the UK. So, the bar is 'chips ahoy' cookies combined with CDM. Thanks goodness for that! Chips and curry sauce is strange, chips and gravy is positively deviant - but chips and CDM is .......

MugGy bONehEad:
Ive been eating loads of the Ritz biscuit ones, not really sure what it is about them lol. Didn't know chips ahoy was a brand but then Cadburys are American now so we'll probably get some real random team ups.


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