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Cadbury's Heroes... With Toblerone??!!!

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I saw these today in McColl's. The machine that is Kraft just won't stop. Adding Toblerone to a Cadbury selection is just plain blasphemy in my eyes. As it is, Toblerone is pretty ghastly these days, being really sickly sweet.

What next? Dime bars? Oreo pieces? Just NOOOOO!!!!!

Forth Bridges:
 >:(  At least added in more choice..... it's been disappointing for ages..... : >:(

I love Toblerones, I have ever since I was a child.

Chocolate goodness made from "triangular almonds, from triangular trees and triangular honey, from triangular bees".  YUM.  :)

I did not know that the same people who owned Cadbury's owned Toblerone though. I can't seem to keep up with who owns which brand any more.  :o

Love toblerone...personally think it's a great addition to the heroes. I agree though, Dime bars and Oreo's probably shouldn't be included  :P

Way back, when I was a child, Toblerone was very much a premium product. It was much more expensive than other bars and to share a bar with one of two others was considered a rare treat. Nowadays, well - what can I say?  It's a shadow of its former self.


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