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Paul A. Young's Salted Caramel Pecan Brownie



Paul A. Young

This is the last of the brownies I bought at Paul A. Young's shop in Soho, but I'm afraid it follows the trend of the others; expensive fridge cake with better ingredients. In it's favour, I will say that this had more of a chocolatey flavour coming through the expanse of supersweet golden syrup. The pecans added absolutely nothing, though, which I was extremely disappointed about. I cannot see how this was worth £4.50!

Buy this if sweet is your thing, but avoid if you're into the dark stuff. I'm giving this 2/10

I think I'll be giving Paul A. Young's shop a miss, unless you bought something that's good.

If you want a proper brownie treat in central London, head to Fortnum and Mason's foodhall.

I don't need to buy them there because I make my own and they're much more preferable to Paul A. Young's. He has a cheek calling them brownies really. They're just chunks (and I mean chunks) of gooey fudge!


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