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Paul A. Young's Signature Brownie



Paul A. Young

For the uninitiated, this brownie is made with milk chocolate and is topped with salted caramel and cocoa nibs. Again, it's wrapped in a plastic wrapper with the Paul A. Young ribbon, which does look good. I thought that this brownie may taste a bit more special than the other ones I bought, especially seeing as it's Paul A. Young's Signature Brownie. Unfortunately, just like the others, it was a fudgey block that tasted of golden syrup with a hint of salted caramel. The cocoa nibs, which I thought would enhance the chocolateyness, were just like bits of grit; they added nothing to the experience, let alone to the texture! I cannot understand why Mr Young is peddling what is nothing more than expensive fridge cake made with better ingredients. Oh, and this abomination cost me £5.95. They must have seen me coming.

If you love the lasting taste of golden syrup in your mouth, this is for you, but I don't, so I'm giving it 1/10. Truly shocking!

I'm detecting a theme here!


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