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Paul A. Young's Signature Brownie
« on: August 14, 2013, 06:52:45 pm »

Paul A. Young

For the uninitiated, this brownie is made with milk chocolate and is topped with salted caramel and cocoa nibs. Again, it's wrapped in a plastic wrapper with the Paul A. Young ribbon, which does look good. I thought that this brownie may taste a bit more special than the other ones I bought, especially seeing as it's Paul A. Young's Signature Brownie. Unfortunately, just like the others, it was a fudgey block that tasted of golden syrup with a hint of salted caramel. The cocoa nibs, which I thought would enhance the chocolateyness, were just like bits of grit; they added nothing to the experience, let alone to the texture! I cannot understand why Mr Young is peddling what is nothing more than expensive fridge cake made with better ingredients. Oh, and this abomination cost me £5.95. They must have seen me coming.

If you love the lasting taste of golden syrup in your mouth, this is for you, but I don't, so I'm giving it 1/10. Truly shocking!

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Re: Paul A. Young's Signature Brownie
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I'm detecting a theme here!