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Attention Marzipan Lovers!

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There are some pretty nice marzipan bars of various types in Lidl at the moment, to be found with the Christmas chocs.  Particularly the pineapple one.

Unless you are concerned about your weight...


P.S. Beware of the very thin foil!

Marzipan is one of those Marmite type things. I absolutely hate the stuff and am sure that Niederegger is managed by Satan and staffed by demons!

I LOVE pineapple products - but don't like marzipan! Oh sob!

What is it with yous? ;)

Don't tell me - you peel the marzipan off the Christmas cake and discard?

Me, I just love the Niederegger (especially the long thin rectangular one), plus the Ritter, plus the.....

Well I love marzipan AND pineapple and will be visiting Lidl shortly!  Thanks for the heads up.


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