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Boci Aero Eperizu Tejcsokolades


A strawberry Aero made in the Czech Republic, distributed by Nestle Hungaria Kft, Budapest, somehow ending up in my local corner shop!

And it's OK actually, if nothing remarkable...

Strawberry Aeros used to be around in the 1970s. There was a lime version too. They were fab, but since Nestle got hold of Rowntrees, Aeros have gone nasty.

Well, I was around in the '70s too, and I must confess I only remember mint, orange and chocolate Aeros.  (This was long before the individual bars existed.)

Maybe the strawberry and lime versions were limited editions.  Too bad I missed out!

Here you are Cleverdick. Strawberry and Lime Aeros - and a couple of other flavours too. And, some other vintage products - a fantastic link:


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