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Chicken enchiladas

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Not sure of the actual recipe.........
A Mexican restaurant in Glasgow does spicey chicken enchiladas that have dark choc cocoa in them.
Haven't tried them but assured they are nice as the flavour is quite savoury due to lack of sugar. Interesting?

I have an apparently authentic Mexican recipe for chilli that includes chocolate but I've never tried it.

Hmm - some sweet and savoury things go well together - like bacon and bananas or chicken and pineapple - but I am not sure about chocolate! I guess as it's actually made from beans, if you don't process it with sugar like we do - it should make a good savoury dish.

Having looked at the recipe (it's actually for a spiced chilli sauce) it states '25g plain chocolate, grated' in the ingredients, which obviously isn't a lot but apparently essential to the flavour.  Must try it some time....

Might it not be easier to go the Mexican restaurant in Glasgow, eat them and let us know .paulham?


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