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Milka Alpine Milk 100g



I haven't had Milka chocolate in years, so I wondered what it would be like now. Surprisingly, I didn't think it was too bad at all.

Just like Cadbury's purple wrapping, Milka chocolate looks welcoming with its darker lilac packaging. The chocolate is quite firm and, according to the packet, has a 30% cocoa solid content. Tasting it, I was surprised by the nuttiness of the chocolate, due to the inclusion of hazelnut paste, which blends well with the milky, chocolate flavour. I found that I was enjoying it much more than I should have and thought it had the edge over Cadbury's (which is a shadow of its former self). The only downside is the high sugar content, which spoilt the aftertaste somewhat.

Somehow, I don't think Milka is going to turn me away from my love of raw, dark chocolate just yet, but, being pleasently surprised by the flavour, I'll give it 5/10. A higher cocoa content and less sugar would have seen it score much higher.

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Just about everywhere!

milka rules,it is awesome,and the most popular chocolate here.

Milka is basically the rest of Europe's answer to Cadburys its amazing, there are so many varieties my personal favourite is milka-oreo flavour. AMAZING!


chocolate chick:
WOW - I have to get me some of that! Looks totally yum


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