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Montezuma's Sea Dog 71% Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt & Lime 100g




I tend to go for dark chocolate in its purist form, but every now and then I will venture out, as it were. This bar from Montezuma's is made from 71% Ecuadorian cocoa, so I was expecting it to be on the sweeter side of dark, which it was. On tasting, the first thing that hit my taste buds was lime, intermixed with the sweet dark chocolate. Every now and then I would experience a small hint of salt, but nothing too intense; if you never knew it was there, you probably wouldn't notice it at all. I liked the combination of flavours, but I won't really be in a hurry to try it again.

I give the bar 5/10

Available at:

Montezuma's 3 bars for £7.17
A Lot Of Chocolate £2.25
Beneficial Health £2.35
GoodnessDirect £2.44


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