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Rob W:
I really wanna try this Kit Kat.
They're an Australian variant, that are meant to be better than all of the
others. If there are any Aussies out there,Listen up! I will pay you to send
me some of these beauties to London, England.
I'll pay via paypal and I'm willing to pay $3 for each one plus shipping.
I only want 3-4...

Rob W:
Come on.. someone must have a friend who's cousin's best friend's
boyfriend's uncle has a mate in Australia who can get a desperate kit kat
fan a Cappuccino Kit Kat from down under.
A Kit kat fan with extra cash (I might add)

I thought these were getting a UK launch?

Rob W:
Not as far as I know. They launched the Cappuccino Kit Kat cubes a while
back, but they didn't do too well here.
So I don'y see them doing the bars.

Rob an Australian friend is sending me a box of these. It should be here this week. I think I'm gonna put about 40 of the 48 on ebay today or tomorrow so check for it (I'm gonna make it like $2.30 each)


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