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Pay £39.50 for £57.50 worth of Melt chocolate with Keynoir - yummy!

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Hi fellow chocoholics!

Sorry that this is my first post and its a deal but I thought you guys might be interested/want to take advantage!
This is a deal from  where you can pay £39.50 for £57.50 worth of their scrummy chocolates. Easter weekend is here so you'll have no shortage of friends to share them with. Or you could just gobble them all up by yourself!  ;D
Once you've bought the deal it lasts until October (if you can wait!) but once its sold out its gone.

Have fun!!


Firstly, this is one of those 'bid-up' cons; if not enough people go for the offer, you end up paying more.  Secondly, there's no mention of P+P.  Lastly, if I want £39.50 worth of chocolate, I'll spend my shiny nuggets in Hotel Chocolat.

So there!

drterror do you have any shiny nuggets for me?

Loulou!  I don't know what to say... *blushes*

So that would be a yes would it. Yeehaw.....bring on them shiny polished nuggets for Lou. cos I know you'll have them polished for me drterror.x


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