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Marathon’s are back!

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This is just stupid.
I'm sure we all remember snickers being called marathon.
Well in the us they now have an energy bar called snickers marathon.
Never should've changed the name in the 1st place :(

The thing is though, Snickers was never called Marathon in the US - or anywhere else in the world. The trademark was registered in the UK first, then when they tried to register it elsewhere, Mars discovered another product called Marathon had been developed. Hence Snickers was born in the US.

And it's rumoured they changed the recipe along with the name - I wouldn't know as they would be my last resort where chocolate is concerned.

snickers marathon has nothing to do with the old marathon...its been around for over a year now and is an energy bar, not a chocolate bar..just an fyi

I had a double decker with nuts yesterday and it reminded me of snickers.


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