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Confirmed sighting: Nestle Aero Filled Egg

"Paul Wolledge"

reports: Saw this in a Tesco near home, never tried one before and was pleasantly surprised. Just in time for Easter, seems like Nestle has launched the new Aero Filled Egg. It's filled with a typically bubbly milk chocolate, in a smooth milk chocolate shell. Nice small size means you're never full and makes for a great little treat.

...First-time spotter

"Paul Wolledge"

gets straight to the point here with this followup to last year's

Black Magic Truffle egg

and Nestle's

Double Cream egg

of 2004. In other potentially-imminent price-cuts:

"They are amazing!!"



regarding the

Kinda Bueno Eggs

he claims to have seen at 2 for £3 in Morrisons and, just in case things have changed in the world of

Marshmallow Peeps

in the last 5 years, blogger


appears to be duplicating some of the good work done by Google with the news that he

"just posted a story called

Marshmallow Peeps on the Internet - A Study

. I went around the web, found all the Peeps sites worth visiting, and put them in one place. 130 of them! Marshmallow Peeps are the 'bacon of the nineties' in that along with being delicious and bad for you, they've both captured the imagination of the internet."

No, I don't know whether he's saying that bacon "captured the imagination of the internet" in the nineties, or whether that's a more recent trend I've missed completely. Happy Easter everyone anyway - speaking of bacon, Foodstuff Finds seems to have spent the 5 quid or so that Selfridges are asking for a

Vosges Haut Chocolate Mo's Bacon Bar

, while


- so far unilaterally - alleges:

"Why may I ask that the beloved confectionery Smarties have gone and made themselves taste like someone, after just eating a packet of pickled onion crisps, has gone and touched every single one. When I bite into a Smartie, I look forward to the nice sugary taste from the coating but instead I now get this prominent taste of pickled onion crisps. It's not just me though, my friends and family members all think the same thing. Please discuss and try for yourselves."

Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Seabrook Hot and Spicy Wasabi flavour

A quick post-Easter sighting this week, as


reports: Amazing. Neutral, not-crispy smell on opening the bag. Usual


thin crinkleyness to the crisps, and yet they pack a powerful hit of wasabi - noshing down on several crisps at a time will deliver a powerful emptying blow to the throat and nose, as wasabi should. Excellent! For what I believe to be the first adoption of wasabi by a British manufacturer (possibly any manufacturer), it's an excellent implementation, and couldn't have gone to a finer and more innovative portfolio than Seabrook. Recommended - hunt down and eat.



supplied the photo here, but


paid only a pound for the same product in East Kilbride Morrisons, trumpeting:

"Found these buggers at last! I stumbled upon them quite by accident when I was looking at

Red Sky crisps

and wondering what all the fuss was about. These have a real wasabi flavour and cause your nose to tingle slightly upon consumption. Thumbs up from me for these."

In other spicy surprises: Burger King's latest

Texican Whopper

is "

topped with delicious taco coated chilli con carne, spicy jalapenos, onion, crispy lettuce and Cajun mayonnaise

"; or, as a more oesophagus-soothing alternative, LanesHealth's

Throat Coolers

are "

a range of flavoured ice bars

" - in other words, vaguely medicinal ice pops!

Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Walls Magnum Temptation/ Carte D'Or Caramel Cinnamon Waffle

A double-scoop of


today, opening with: The chocolate Magnum has chocolate ice cream, brownies and white chocolate pieces all wrapped in a Belgian chocolate coating. The ice cream isn't too chocolatey in that overpowering cocoa-type way. The brownies are chewy and the white chocolate pieces are suitably chocolatey (I'm struggling here, aren't I?) This Magnum is quite nice but not a patch on

that Dark Wispa'd centre one

I found in Spain a while back. 3 to a pack each in

a separate little coffin


...(In case you were wondering, these appear to be an improved form of

the trial version


sampled in late 2007

, though the individual boxes remind me most of

KFC's Boneless Banquet

from the same year.) Anyway,


seems much more tempted by Walls'

Carte D'Or Caramel Cinnamon Waffle

, hailing it as:

"IMMENSE! Yes that's right. Absolutely delicious! I'm pretty sure I will develop a 'habit' for this stuff. Creamy, caramel-icious and (drum roll) cinnamon-tastic. This is my product of the year."

If you'd like to have a go yourself:

"I'm working with Ben and Jerry's,"


"Lee Washington"


"and thought that you'd be interested to hear that Ben and Jerry's today announced a competition called

Do The World A Flavour


, where you can win a trip to the Dominican Republic and possibly have your idea made into Ben and Jerry's 2010 worldwide flavour (like what they claimed happened with

2006's Glastonberry

). Thanks


, but you didn't think it worth mentioning that this Tue 21 Apr is also Ben and Jerry's

Free Cone Day


Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Walkers Sensations Buffalo Mozzarella and Herbs

Another extended crisp contribution today, so it's straight over to

"Nick T"

: If you're old enough to remember walking into Woolworths - if you're old enough to remember Woolworths, that is - and spending your pocket money on a Top Of The Pops compilation LP, you'll know the clanging disappointment when you skip home and realise it's not a bargain containing all the current teen chart-toppers at all, it's a bunch of 40-something session musicians gamely but hopelessly imitating your pop heroes. It's that cheek-slapping dawn of bitter realisation which will also be familiar to anyone googling for archive photos of Michael Jackson only to be initially puzzled, then appalled, when the search returns pictures of a sparky little black lad with the same name. Sometimes, things just aren't what you expected.

And so it is with this latest addition to the


(am I the only person unable to say the word "Sensations" without the disturbing image of Tony Blackburn saying it in his Smashy and Nicey voice?) range. Open the attractive keenly-priced bag and you'll be welcomed by a pleasant whiff of herbs. Things are looking up. But pop one of these fragile, pale russet crisps in your mouth and the faint but unmistakable flavour is of... chicken. Hunh? Perhaps it's because mozzarella is too bland to use as a base flavour? A quick check of the ingredients and, despite the bizarre claim "Made With Real Ingredients" (as opposed to what?), things are actually better than you'd expect from Walkers Corp. There are authentic seasonings and flavourings in there, plus a few inexplicable additions such as dried pomegranate juice, skimmed milk, and that signature Walkers sweetness.

So you try another and, sure enough, there it is again in the background. Chicken. Well, chicken-flavoured crisps, anyway. No matter. I turn off my big-brand prejudices and scoff the rest of the bag contentedly. I can't see them being around for long but hey, they're worth a punt for a pound. Pondering on this odd taste swap, I am reminded of the French socialist philosopher Charles Fourier. I'm sure you are too. M. Fourier was a 19th Century Utopian who believed the seas would slowly lose their salt and finally taste of lemonade. And whilst I hope I'm not quite that batty, I do wonder if perhaps this is a precursor to a new Walkers cost-cutting stratagem: a gradual leaching out and blurring together of flavours to create one global homogenised McFlava, centrally controlled and marketed in endless variations of packaging? Pop pickers, you heard it here first.

Source: Snackspot

Could 'Nick T' please join OUR forum?  I love his review!


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