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He's just an old soak!

Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Clusters

"Clusters are basically mini cornflake cakes with raisins thrown in and the peanuts are, well... chocolate-covered peanuts!" hurrahs


, but the pic comes from


, who elaborates: "Noted

the comments last month

concerning these and found them today. 150g pouches of the three varieties. Essentially they are mini cornflake crispy cakes with raisins in them. They are coated in Cadbury chocolate rather than the ubiquitous

Scotbloc that your mother used to use

. Very moreish, I managed a pack to myself (more or less) in 20 minutes."

...Or, as the people I tried these on pointed out, they're a bit like broken-up pieces of some ill-fated Cadbury attempt at trying to make

a Lion bar

. Plus, no-one could think of many positive everyday meanings for the word "Clusters", which nonetheless hasn't discouraged Walkers from launching two kinds of

sweet nut Red Sky Clusters

(in Peanut and Almond, or Pecan and Peanut, £2.49).

...And in other almondy allusions,


adds that he also found these - presumably imported -

Galaxy Jewels

for £1.99 in the same B and M, East Kilbride, discovering:

"A box (400g) of Galaxy chocolates in the vein of Cadbury Heroes or Mars Celebrations. 12 different varieties - Ripple, Praline, Dark centre (milk outer), Almond butter crunch, Crispy, Milk (Galaxy itself), Wholenut and caramel, Wholenut, White centre (milk outer), Biscuit crunch, and Caramel. Having had 2 boxes I found only 1 Ripple in each box. They are all good and the Almond butter crunch was a particularly nice find. They are made in the UAE but still have HVF in them. A good present and talking point as they are a bit different from Mars usual fare."

Source: Snackspot

wow,really great reviews.tnx for all the info

Looks very attractive


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