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I tried to upload some chocolate, but I couldn't get it into the little slot.  Oh, I think I've buggered my computer...

So I didn't finish the upload as I got stuck into clearing a big backlog of chocolate.
I then got on to creating the Facebook beta interface (list in a separate thread).
So now I'm just updating code (largely moving some of the code from asp to php) so that voting can go quicker, and bars can be listed in a consistent manner site-wide.
Next step will be to replace the 'big' chocolate retrieval list page with something a bit quicker (to load and use), and that maybe takes up a bit less screen space to present the information.

The Americans are coming. Yes a few bars from the USA are just about to go online for voting. After this initial batch I have a couple more and a couple of Canadian products.
Hoping to get the upload sorted soon so that products from around the world can be added by everyone else.

Another update (sorry no the upload bars isn't there yet  :-[ ).
If you go to the chocolate page (chocolate on the navigation bar) you'll now get your rank (based on votes logged), total number of products voted and name for your ranking  :)

where there is a will,there is a way。


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