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Yes, very soon you'll be able to upload your own chocolate products for everyone to vote on (just like reviews I get to approve them before they go live, but hopefully you'll all be ok with that?).
I've got a few products to upload that'll probably take the current total to 600, and there are some more tweaks to old code to use the new database and thus make everything a bit simpler to administer.
Please reply with your thoughts on what you'd like to see in the upload process, how you expect it to work and any other thoughts on this.


Did you give any more thought to putting some "past masters" on in order that we can wax lyrical about how good things used to be?
Would a pic from the web be ok rather than a photo taken by the uploader?

A pic from the web would be OK - although there may be issues with image size (see my other post about that), adding old products would be entirely up to you the CR community, and whether you had an image (can't go adding stuff without pics now can we :) )

Is this ready to launch yet?

erm very nearly. I'll do some testing at the weekend and PM you when the submission page is ready to go (first version might have to only support one image upload, instead of the 3 or 4 I'd prefer).
I won't make it completely live for everyone until I've cleared my backlog - although that'll probably happen some time next week.


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