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Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramellow Egg


Product:       Rocky Road to Caramellow Egg     
Made By:    Hotel Chocolat
Purchased From:    Hotel Chocolat
Price:    £19
Review By:    chocadmin

So Easter has come around again, and those nice people at Hotel Chocolat have sent me another fantastic egg for review. This time it's a really imaginative idea, an egg where one side is coated in puffed rice, chocolate chunks and cookie pieces, the other with caramel infused chocolate!

Packaging is much the same as last year's signature egg. The box doesn't have a carry handle but has a nice embossed design on it.
The egg itself is divided into two halves each wrapped in foil. The mini praline and chocolates inside are wrapped in a little bag in each half.

What you get:
HC's eggs aren't really large (unless you buy the extra big versions that is), but unlike regular Easter Eggs the chocolate is really really thick (I guess you could call them 'massive'). In the box you get a rocky road coated half egg, a caramel coated half egg and 14 mini chocolates including pralines, macadamia turtles, chocolate crispy things and a couple of rather tasty caramel canapes.

As always HC's quality chocolate is top notch; the thick shell helps with the flavour. The rocky road is delicious - I've never seen anything like this on an egg before - please can we have more great ideas like this.
The caramel half isn't quite as good as the thickness of the caramel chocolate is disappointing, thus you don't really get a proper 'hit' of caramel flavour.
The included mini chocolates are suitably varied, all were great. There is a bit of repetition (4 macadamia turtles) but this wouldn't be a problem if sharing this egg with others (would you really keep something this good to yourself?).

HC make really good Easter eggs (their increased popularity does not appear to have diminished the high quality here), they're so much better than on the high street. The thick chocolate is great. Once you've tried any of the HC eggs you'll feel cheated with any 'regular' Easter egg. The included mini chocolates are quite varied so there's something for everyone here. Coating the chocolate with 'rocky road' is a fantastic idea and looks great. My only disappointment is that the coated layers (particularly the caramel) are quite thin - a bit more caramel flavour would make this a near perfect egg!

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Twix Master:
Tried this, it tastes lovely!


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