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You'll notice you have two forum rank meters underneath your username when you post items to the forum.

The first (made of chocolate blocks) indicates the percentage of
products within the review that you have voted for (you have to keep
voting for new products to maintain your chocolate mad status).

The second (made of stars) indicates how many postings you've made to
the forum or if you are a moderator of the forum (up to 3 stars for
more postings, 4 stars for a moderator). Moderators of the forum are
selected by chocadmin at my discression <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0">

UPDATE: Ok the new forum only shows your number of postings rank, your chocolate rank is displayed in the top-right of review web pages other than the forum at the moment.

We now have one forum rank meter. This post has not been updated in a while.
Chocadmin is very busy you know.

Troo, I still haven't worked out how to get the second meter into the new forum system. The chocrank is recorded though and should appear top-right when you're in any page other than the forum :)

He needs to fiddle his rating too. I mean, Jr. Member!

Please tell me what the karma rating means, thank you :-)


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