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Not a happy subject i know. I am typing in black not my usual bright colour in respect to my neighbours cat who has died while i have been looking after it. my neighbour is on hols(Prague, Vienna and Budapest). Now to me this seems a sort of depressing holiday(please feel free to disagree bounty cos i know you will). Anyway i am not sure how to break the news the cat is dead and at which point do i mention the £125 vet bill ?Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

the same misfortune happened with my neighbour's fish a few years ago, luckily it was a guppy, so i actually replaced it with an imposter, without saying a word. now how shameful is that? 
guess that doesn't help much... how did it happen?  

What a good idea.Where can i find a 17 yr old skinny black and white cat?
Well the cat was off its food and wouldn't leave the house from day one so i suspect she had been poorly for a while. I tried tempting her with pilchards, tuna and ham but she would only eat a little. She was walking ok but would not let me stroke her, probably because she was so skinny and frail. Anyway i kept her going for 12 days then she collapsed and could not get up. Her breathing was poor and  she was vomiting so I took her to the vet who put her to sleep.
I have a letter from the vet saying she advised euthanasia as the cat was confused to its surroundings, had breathing problems and was distressed so it's not like it was my decision but i am so not looking forward to tomorrow.

It reminds me of the time I looked after my friend's rabbit.  It had a liking for toasted sandwiches.  I would give it a ham toastie for breakfast, a cheese toastie for lunch and a peanut butter one for tea.

Anyway it got sick.  When I took it to the vet, I told her what I had been feeding it and she said it was a clear case of mixingmitoasties.  

they say the old ones are the funniest but not in this case.


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