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Pain Au Chocolat

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Dead simple.
You get those ready to bake ones from the dairy cabinet. (You know, the ones in the can that you twist the paper off and roll out.)
Next add the measly little pieces of plain chocolate that the give you with it.
Get some chocolate, say, some Dairy milk. Chop into similarily small pieces( but LOTs more ) and add to the rest. Roll it yp and bake off.
Then when ready, DON'T touch the butter dish. Instead get some chocolate spread and cover the top or bottom of the pastry with it. If you completely cover it you can't hold it and your friends/family will stare in disgust due to the fact that they think you are holding a turd.

       I laughed till I 

Do you make this often paulham?

It is an occasional treat in my household.

Did anyone see the documentary the other night about the man who wanted to stay home for one week and bond with his 2 daughters while his wife went to work?
Well he decided he would make jelly . So first he puts the jelly in a bowl, pours on hot water........THEN ADDS A PACKET OF MALTESERS!
The four year old says "daddy they will melt" but he took no notice and said it would be a lovely chocolate jelly for mummy to come home to.


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