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MugGy bONehEad:
Anyone remember these? Externally they were regular Ferrero Rochers but with a gourgeous liquid Mint centre where the grotty nutty gloop should be. They were only around for a couple of years & I havent seen them since about 1992-93. I mention them whenever im offered a disgusting Ferrero Rocher by someone, and have often been called a liar for my trouble. However my trump card being that as a kid i used to stick all my stickers from bananas, apples, terrys choc oranges & the like, on the tiles around my folks fireplace, and as their front room hasnt been decorated since 1983 theyre still all there, so i recently salvaged mounted & laminated them for the non believers.
Bring 'em back Ferrero!!

MugGy bONehEad:
Sorry the point to that story being that there were a a couple of Fresco mint stickers from the plastic box still on there which i salvaged. Come to think of it now as an adult i'd have slapped me one for such living room vandalism!

 Yes, there was a post about these a few weeks ago and quite a few people expressed regret that they were axed. I hate praline so regular rocher chocs are repellent to me but the mint ones were FAB.

I too remember these, actually. I wish Ferrero hadn't discontinued them  :(.

Me too!  My family absolutely loved them!  We used to buy boxes of them!

So sad... quite a lot of people don't like praline or are becoming allergic to them (it's getting more and more common), not just Fererro Fresco mints but Mon Cheri has now disappeared from our shelves in the UK too.

What Ferrero choccies are us non-nut lovers able to indulge in these days?


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