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FREE downloads on special Kit Kat promo packs

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Calling all music fans!  My name is Leanne and I work alongside Kit Kat and thought you all might be interested in hearing about the new music promotion thats running on pack. You can download mp3 songs of your choice for FREE! All you have to do is buy a promotional Kit Kat with a special 12-digit code inside, register online, browse the online library and choose your song. The songs are yours to keep and can be used on any music device. You can download up to five free songs. So next time you buy a Kit Kat keep the code so you can log online and get downloading.

Well, I tried downloading a Kit Kat and I got nothing!  NOTHING!!!!  Er, mp what?

In future ask before posting adverts. If this was a free for all it'd just be full of ad's and have no chocolate discussion :(

Like they're going to listen!!!

This would be more entertaining if the post read "my name is leanne and i am a kitkat"


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