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Kit Kat Senses Fashion Break Promotion


Hi there,

I’m working for Kit Kat Senses at the moment and we are currently working on our latest venture; a new fashion break launch with Girls Aloud!

The promotion gives 100 consumers the opportunity to shop til they drop with £1,000 cash and will give 3 lucky winners the chance to shop til they drop with the Girls fashion stylist, Frank Strachan. Additionally every wrapper will include a £2 voucher for the fantastic fashion website You can use up to 5 wrappers to claim £10 off on clothes and accessories. 

That’s about it! Enjoy!!


If the prize is to hunt Girls Aloud on an island with me packing an assortment of heavy weapons, then I'm in!  Still, £1000 would be nice too...

 Girls Aloud are busy promoting their new line of false eyelashes for Superdrug.

Can I go kill them, mommy?  P-l-e-a-s-e?


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