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Battered Marsbars!

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--- Quote from: loulou on June 03, 2008, 10:36:05 pm ---Me neither. Deep frying is so bad for you.

--- End quote ---

   . . . so is chocolate and yet we're all here talking about how scrumptious it is. As long as we don't eat loads of it every day, or deep fry stuff every day, we'll be just fine.  :)

   Anyway, you don't need a deep fat fryer, just a few inches of oil in a Mars Bar sized saucepan will do the trick.

WTF!!! Isn't a Mars bar enough? Why would you want to batter it? It's seriously unnecessary.

Also, chocolate isn't bad for you, it depends on the type of chocolate you're eating. A Mars bar is a sugar bomb of devestating proportions and to be avoided!


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