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First some site news. Some more products have been added for you to vote on, bringing the total number to 636 and (at the time of writing) you've logged 19886 votes and 1313 mini-reviews!
Also the chocolate forum has been updated, this is now quicker and has a better shout box - check it out here.

Proof that biscuits are better with chocolate - chocolate digestives have been voted best biscuit to dunk in your tea (4 of the top 10 biscuits were chocolate varieties).

Fantastic news that Cadbury is going fair trade. This is something we've needed for such a long time, let's hope the rest of the industry will follow suit (but please no more silly adverts).

As per prior rumours Cadbury is bringing back the Caramel bunny and changing the wrapper of Dairy Milk Caramel (although the name isn't changing back to 'Caramel').

Many of you will have heard of the horrific (and idiotic) idea of bringing in a 'chocolate tax'. This idea isn't going anywhere - yet. Join the discussion on this in the forum.


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