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Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey




reports: You may recall me being none to impressed with the caramel used to fuse the

Caramel Chocolate

version of these, thankfully this bar seemingly replaced this overly sugar-based tasting element with a more cocoa-based mix. This meant that the rice pieces actually had more of an impact, and allowed them to substantiate a sweet, yet slightly salted base element to the taste. Within the syrupy glaze that held the bar together, the chocolate flavouring could perhaps of been a little stronger, though this was helped to some degree by the chocolate chunks placed on top.

Again I would like to have seen these implemented a little more generously, though having now eaten a few of these bars I can confirm the amount does vary a little from product-to-product... you just need a little luck I guess. A 36.0g bar provided an adequate snack, and complimented both a light sandwich lunch and mid-afternoon tea well.

...Excerpted (with permission!) from


review over on his site

, which also features a competition to win a bar - though the closing date is currently 16th March, so don't hang around if you want one. In other chocolatey blogging: Foodstuff Finds has the lowdown on both Cadbury's

Brunch Breaks

and the confusingly similarly-named

Brunch Bakes

; Cadbury-owned Green and Black's are getting into Dairy Milk territory with a 30% cocoa

Creamy Milk organic bar

; and Kellogg's naming division aren't doing much better with their

Nature's Pleasure baked mueslis


Live Bright Brain Health bars


Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Macadamia/ Phish Food Frozen Yogurt/ (US) Ginger Snap




reports: Still haven't found the elusive

new Cheesecake Brownie flavour

but did get my hands on this and Phish Food Frozen Yogurt. Usual high quality B+J ice cream here, for those not so keen on nuts (myself included) it is surprisingly tasty. This is largely because although the tub claims "10% chocolatey covered macadamia nuts", in the ingredients it actually lists 3% nuts! That means each 'nut' is made up of over twice as much chocolate as there is actual macadamia.

As for the

Phish Food Frozen Yogurt

this is the same change (compared to regular) as

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

was/is, ie not as creamy therefore not as nice a taste, but equally not quite as heavy.

...And congratulations to




(who's sent in some great stuff over the

past 5 years or so

) for submitting

Snackspot's 1000th posting

- thanks to everyone else who's contributed in any way, here's to the next 1000! In other pint-sized celebrations,


paid $4.49 for a tub of

Ben and Jerry's Ginger Snap

at his

regular haunt

of Safeway, Shoreline, WA, USA, revealing:

I hadn't seen any other Limited Batch products recently and its promise of "brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with gingersnap cookies and a ginger caramel swirl" promised a nice alternative to the usual cinnamon options. I liked it quite a lot - not unlike the ginger snap/vanilla ice cream cookies I used to make when I was a kid. If I were to be hyper critical the cookies are more squish than snap, but it doesn't really detract much.

Caramel Cinnamon Waffle

is also this summer's new flavour of

Walls' Carte D'Or

, part of a (Mc)flurry of ice-cream launches that includes

Magnum Temptation, Pure White Delight or Mint Choc Truffle Thorntons sticks, Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition Cherries and Cream

and the slightly unusually-named

Cornetto Love Chocolate

, which combines "milk, dark and white flavour chocolate ice creams in a chocolate wafer cone topped with triple chocolate curls".

Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Red Sky crisps

"Nick T"

reports: As you can probably tell by the twitch and the drink habit, I work in advertising. And I can tell you with some authority that there is no less innovative or creative industry than the giddy world of FMCG marketing. Their stock-in-trade is to spot a consumer trend, shamelessly copy it within an inch of intellectual property law, then try to petulantly reclaim the entire sector as their own rightful territory and otherwise give the original golden goose a good shafting. Past "me too" products have included Cadbury's Aztec (not really a Mars bar at all, mi'lud), cyclonic vacuum cleaners (Dyson who?), and every energy drink that's not Red Bull in any way, honest.

And now, clap hands, here comes Red Sky, Walkers/Pepsico's attempt to leech off the good works of true artisan snack pioneers such as




and Burt's. Witness the hyperbolical guff on the pack: "We only use the best ingredients from Nature's Kitchen..." blah blah blah. A cynic might continue: "...and when Nature's Kitchen has finished, we send cheap spuds to a sodding great factory in Coventry/Leicester and put them through the same mass production process as everything else we churn out, but this time covered in a thick, thick marketing budget to help screw over the people who gave us the idea. Cheers guys."

None of this is to say Red Sky is a bad product. This flavour, just one of the new range's imaginative advance guard, actually contains bacon and real cream cheese - and what a relevation THAT must have been for Walkers. The taste is pleasant enough in an anodyne way, with a good crunch and attractive packaging. It's just that Red Sky is simply unnecessary. The originators' ranges are excellent, and there's plenty of good competition from supermarket own-brands (take a bow Sainsbury's). So will Red Sky prove to be a brand manager's delight? I hope not. We should reward real innovators. Disingenuous rip-o... sorry, 'tributes' like this should just be pitied for lack of corporate imagination. Kids, just say no.

...Another impassioned analysis from

"Nick T"

today - while, amid the pleas for

Mild Curry Flavour Wotsits


"They were fantastic but very shortlived, I would say they only lasted about six months, 1985-6. I would willingly campaign to bring them back"


"Chris Wyatt"

) and

Smith's Scampi Fries


"We found them easily in Scotland (Paisley), but here in the Midlands it's a Scampi Fries-free wasteland!"


"Simon J. Mills"

) comes


more unusual request, inquiring:

"Does anyone have the little paint image of Crisp Commando mascot from"


, Oli - could


be what you're looking for?

Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunks

"Robert Funland"

reports: The blocks do just look like

giant blocks from Dairy Milk bars

, but they aren't solid - they are filled with soft chocolate mixture. I think you are supposed to just place the block in a mug and pour hot milk over it, because adding the block to a saucepan of hot milk makes it look like you've burned the chocolate. Doesn't have the heavy aftertaste which clings to your tongue like regular hot chocolates :D

...First-time spotter


shares some of

Foodstuff Finds'

puzzlement over how these are supposed to work - I found that they make a recognisably Cadbury's-flavoured beverage when added to microwaved milk (though not as nice as the Gu Hot Chocolate from the Waitrose cafe on Edgware Road), especially if you resist the temptation to take a peek at the chunk while it's disintegrating.

In other Cadbury creativity: they're also producing a new range of

Cadbury Clusters, Cadbury Peanuts and Cadbury Raisins

(all from 50p); I was completely wrong about

Green and Black's Creamy Milk

being a Dairy Milk-alike, as it actually has a burnt-sugar taste much more like Galaxy; and

"George and Kim"

were at least intrigued by this

Bournville Orange bar

(launched in conjunction with

Bournville Old Jamaica

) which

"My dad Ian found while on a chocolate binge in the Cadbury shop in Portsmouth. It has strange almost jelly-like pieces in it. Not unpleasant but not quite as nice as Terry's Chocolate Orange."

Source: Snackspot

Confirmed sighting: Burton's Jammie Dodgers Snack Bars/ Maryland Munch Bars


reports: You can get Jammie Dodger Snack Bars from Sainsbury's, my mother-in-law bought some last week and handed 'em over! In reference to Maryland Munch, if you're not bothered about sell-by dates, there's a site online called

Approved Food

that will sell you a whole slightly out-of-date or short-dated box for coppers... did an order off them yesterday...

...And thanks to


for eliminating an

almost year-old

"Awaiting Sighting" - though the apparent apathy about this Jammie Dodgers brand extension didn't stop them adding an extra

Splat Snacks

format in the meantime. In other raspberry-ish centres:

"Saw a huge French Fancy cake in Morrisons' in-store bakery in Wolverhampton. It's one of the party cakes that's baked in store. Not Mr Kipling though but still looks great,"



- has demand for

the real thing

reached such a peak that supermarkets are now synthesising their own?

Elsewhere, after a quiet March,


is back with these

Lotte Koala Strawberry Flavour Biscuits

seen for £1.08 in Tesco, Springburn, Glasgow, causing him to go a bit Jeremy Clarkson with the remarks:

"The Tesco in Springburn is frequented by the immigrant community in Glasgow and as a result stocks a lot more foreign foodstuff. In saying that I don't know how many Japanese asylum seekers they have. Onto the product itself. These are little crunchy biscuits with a food-dyed print of a koala bear on them. The strawberry cream filling is just that, more sweet than fruity. Imported by 'Double Happiness Wholesale Ltd' in Romford so maybe other shops will have them. Cute koala pictures all over the packaging will win the kids and women over when it comes to buying."

Source: Snackspot


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