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Hello everyone, sorry for the very overdue Chocolate News Update (my lovely wife's just had an operation you see).
First just to remind you all, next week is Chocolate Week! See the chocolate week website for details:

Next, there's going to be a UK Chocolate Show this year! - In fact more than one. The first is in Norwich Nov 28-30 but the show will tour the country! See for details.

I've created a little quiz about chocolate bars, you can try it out at the Buzz web site here: or play it in game if you have Buzz for the PS3.

Cadbury have created a fun little chocolate factory game where you can combine all kinds of interesting ingredients (cabbage anyone?). Unleash your creativity at and maybe Cadbury will make your concoction (that'll bring the innovation to the market I'm always going on about).

On to the regular chocolate news:
Cadbury has launched Creme Egg Twisted (and quite nice it is too)
Wispa has now been brought back permanently (well done to everyone that bought them in the trial period to encourage Cadbury to keep 'em)
Smarties are now 70 years old
Rather oddly, a band (Innerpartysystem) release a single on Chocolate instead of vinyl
Divine chocolate is named Observer ethical business of the year
The first Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate is on the way
Fancy a chocolate reproduction of a famous landmark? - they're a bit pricey though
Some lovely looking new options for Penguins have been revealed (and they'll be available to vote on the web site soon)
Interesting info about Kshocolat - square eggs next Easter sounds interesting
If you haven't already tried them Cadbury have launched a couple of new variants on Dairy Milk (big bar versions available for voting on the web site)
Hilariously Selfridges has launched a chocolate called Credit Crunch (sounds nice at least as they're using Valrhona chocolate)
Earlier this year Thorntons launched the biggest box of chocolates (175,000 individual chocolates)
Sadly after 100 years, production at the old Nestle factory in York has ended
Twinings has made a rather tasty sounding chocolate drink using real Swiss chocolate
Finally; Nestle are taking Toffee Crisp into the sharing sector, lets hope it's more successful that KitKat Kubes (it's a bit boring with Mars dominating so much there)


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