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Big Site News:
After a busy series of tests our Chocolate Review Forum has now been migrated to a new software platform. This should be quicker than the old one, have fewer bugs and enable a number of new features. This has also led to a change in our registration and login systems (note to un/subscribe to this email and chocolate updates this is now part of the forum profile settings). There will also be a number of other changes over the next couple of weeks to add/tweak a number of other features too.
The biggest addition to this forum - we now have a games arcade! So you can hang out playing games and still stay in touch with all our chocolate discussion (just click the Arcade link in the forum).
On with the chocolate news:
Some useful and important information about Malagasy chocolate and their equitrade philosophy
Madonna loves Cadbury Creme Eggs
Hurrah for Cadbury as they plan to bring back Wispa permanently
What is it with thieves and chocolate, £20,000 worth of flakes stolen
Honda lose it completely and ban chocolate at work?!

Can we have the calendar bit back?

No idea :)
There is a calendar type thingy in here somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

job done?

Excellent. I've just put my birthday on it.


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